Five Lessons From “Scandal,” The TV Show

1. Never Be The Mistress
Yes I know you love him, and he loves you, and aren’t you the star-crossed lovers with everyone trying to keep you apart. But if he’s unavailable move on. Don’t live on hold. Do you want children? Do you want a partner in life? Don’t allow yourself to believe that if only this one issue were resolved you’d be perfect together. In fact, it may be the issue that is allowing you to stay together. Believing you’re in it against the world and never getting to see that you’d be fighting over the dishwasher or the laundry or gasp the children.  He used to be in love with his wife. And where does that leave her now? Is that where you’d want to be in a few years? And he has children. Do you? Life is passing you by while you sit on the sidelines longing for something you haven’t had a chance to discover you don’t actually want.
2. Cheaters Often Win
It’s true. If you’re at the height of power in whatever industry or government you likely didn’t get there being honest and following the spirit and letter of the law. You also likely owe some great debts to some terrible people.  You justify it to yourself the way every dictator and tyrant has justified themselves for centuries. The ends justify the means. Whatever the bogey man, real or imagined, you’re not any different from every common dictator fighting to keep power.
3. If You’re Not A Cheater, It’s OK
It’s ok if you’re not cut out for this. It’s ok if you’re not ready to sacrifice everything for the end. You can be honest and follow your morals. But you probably can’t be president. Your story won’t be on Scandal but the world needs you just the same. Better to know this about yourself.
3. Torture Is Torture
It doesn’t matter why, it doesn’t matter how noble the perceived ends. Once you start, there’s no coming back and “making it right.”
4. Someone You Love And Trust Can Exploit You
You were saved from domestic violence by a friend? Great. You were saved from the streets? From prison? From death? Good. Be loyal. That is a good friend. If that friend asks you to do immoral things for their own benefit, they’re not a good friend. Saving you from death is human. Exploiting you and your loyalty is wrong. Perhaps they’re not a friend after all, but someone who saves lost souls for their own benefit. That’s not friendship. It’s not kindness. And it doesn’t deserve loyalty.
5. Powerful People Get Away With Terrible Things. (See Cheaters Often Win)
’nuff said.

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